Turnkey solutions
that deliver performance

Diamond provides customized energy solutions while managing complexity for our 3rd-party customers and our own assets. We take our corporate responsibility to society very seriously. That’s why we maintain the principles of transparency and openness, while conducting our business with integrity and fairness.

We understand power generation based on our owner / operator / trader experience. We share this experience by providing turnkey project solutions for investors – or provide specific individual energy services as required.

Core Capabilities

Project Development


Our utility-scale projects fulfill a region’s immediate and future energy requirements while developing strong, long-term relationships with our host communities.

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Distributed Energy Resources


Our distributed energy projects provides green energy and cost savings for clients. We have developed distributed energy projects (community solar, solar + storage, storage, etc.) in the West Coast, East Coast, and the Midwest.

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Asset Management


Our asset managers provide executive leadership and third-party asset management services across multiple disciplines to deliver exceptional results.

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Operations & Maintenance


Our O&M services provide everything required for power generation owners, delivering the best commercial value by minimizing operational risks while maintaining high availability.

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Our Energy Management platform was designed with one thing in mind: maximizing value for our asset owners.

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Our traders have a robust presence across the North American energy space. Drawing from years of experience, our energy traders at BETM are able to offer products tailored to the exact needs of our counterparties.

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Core Capabilities > Project Development

Development expertise for today – and tomorrow


During the development process, our developers draw upon decades of experience, lessons-learned from a multitude of projects, and the global perspective of our combined companies to deliver innovative and creative solutions. We pursue opportunities throughout North America, and the size of projects in our development portfolio ranges from utility scale projects that can generate thousands of megawatts of electrical energy to commercial and industrial scale distributed energy projects in the megawatt to tens of megawatt sizes. We also participate throughout the development lifecycle – from greenfield activities through to project commissioning. As an owner and operator of the assets we develop, we focus on creating long-term successful outcomes for our shareholders and our host communities. Our development team looks for:

  • Unencumbered, environmentally benign sites
  • A stable and inherently reliable fuel supply
  • Opportunities for successful partnering
  • Strong, local, load-serving entities committed to bilaterally beneficial power contracts.
  • Merchant markets with established and growing needs for electrical energy along with stable regulatory structures allowing for the transparent trading of energy, capacity and ancillary services

Some of the activities we perform in finding and developing power generation opportunities include:

  • Identifying market opportunities
  • Technology and site selection
  • Land and right-of-way acquisitions
  • Environmental and land use permitting
  • Financial structuring, debt financing and tax equity financing
  • Management of engineering, construction and commissioning

Experience long-term success

We have successfully developed projects throughout North America. As an owner and operator of the assets we develop, our focus on developing strong, long-term relationships with our host communities while being the best possible corporate citizen have been paramount to our success, and to the continued success of our partners and customers.

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Core Capabilities > Distributed Energy Resources

The ideal clean energy partner - from concept to operation


Our distributed energy projects provides green energy and cost savings for clients. We have developed distributed energy projects (community solar, solar + storage, storage, etc.) in the West Coast, East Coast, and the Midwest. As your trusted partner, we develop, design, build, own, finance, and operate commercial, industrial and community scale solar and storage systems. Our fully integrated solutions allow us to deliver value to our customers and partners at every stage of a clean energy project.

Mutually Beneficial Business Opportunities

With more than 200 projects completed, totaling over 100 megawatts of solar generating capacity, we have the knowledge and experience to make your distributed energy initiative a success.

There are multiple ways to collaborate including pursuing mutually beneficial development and ownership opportunities. No matter what your objective is, if it involves distributed energy, then it should involve us

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Core Capabilities > Asset Management

Creative thinking. Exceptional results


Our subsidiary DGC Management, LLC offers highly-qualified asset managers providing executive commercial leadership for project owners across the US and Mexico. With a parent company that owns several thousand megawatts of generation around the world, we know how to manage assets for the benefit of investors; and we manage 3rd party assets with the same dedication as our own. Our asset managers take responsibility for the commercial oversight and management of an approximate 3,400 MW portfolio of combined-cycle, simple-cycle, energy storage and wind energy projects across the United States and Mexico.

Our main asset is delivering exceptional results

We use the latest industry information, software platforms and technology tools as we consistently employ creative thinking to optimize performance, capture new opportunities in the marketplace and improve bottom line results.

Our asset management services include includes:

  • Investor & lender relations
  • Managerial reporting
  • Corporate compliance
  • Manage corporate legal activities
  • Manage insurance policies
Finance, Accounting and Tax
  • General ledger
  • Financial statements
  • Sales, property and income tax filings
  • Cash management
  • Counterparty and collateral management
  • Loan compliance
  • Refinancing
Business / Commercial
  • Gross margin management and optimization
  • Commercial risk management including hedging
  • Plant performance monitoring and analysis
  • Project proforma modeling
  • Annual business plan creation
  • Contract management & negotiation
  • Management of the operator, energy manager and other third-party contractors
  • Capital expenditure strategies and plans
  • Identification of incremental investments to maximize return
  • Technology assessment and integration
  • Develop post-PPA or new merchant opportunities
Environmental & Regulatory
  • Oversee compliance
  • Environmental and regulatory management
  • Market monitoring
  • Maintain EHS and regulatory records
Government, Community and Public Relations
  • Promote project interests at state/regional forums
  • Maintain and build solid relationships with community leaders
  • Establish charitable giving programs in the community
  • Regulatory strategy

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Core Capabilities > Operations & Maintenance

Peak plant performance. Excellent safety & compliance.


Our subsidiary DGC Operations, LLC provides comprehensive, third-party operations & maintenance (“O&M”) services for power generation owners across North America.
Our operations team leverages our proven programs, practices and procedures to ensure plant safety, reliability and regulatory compliance. These practices are conducted with the same dedication we use for our own assets.

DGC Operations capabilities are effective and far-ranging.

Optimizing the performance of a power-generating facility requires technical expertise, business acumen and a proactive, can-do attitude. Our highly experienced teams focus on the fundamentals: safety, reliability, compliance and budget – while delivering plant performance and providing financial insight.

Our O&M services include:

Operations & Maintenance
  • Daily plant operations and routine maintenance
  • Training and qualifications
  • Performance monitoring and diagnostics
  • Effective budget control for operating and capital expenditures
  • Create O&M manuals and procedures
  • Procurement services including CMMS integration
  • Plan and manage major overhauls and maintenance
  • Supervise contractors, vendors and visitors
  • Prepare and maintain logs and records
  • Optimize scheduling and dispatch
Safety, Environmental and Regulatory Compliance
  • Safety, environmental and regulatory compliance monitoring and reporting
  • Develop training programs
  • Developing and implementing procedures for regulatory, environmental and safety management
  • Manage permit compliance conditions for air/water/waste
  • NERC, FERC, DOE, and other Federal, State, District compliance requirements
  • Conduct regulatory testing, inspections and calibrations
Mobilization & Commissioning
  • Owner technical assistance
  • Support financial closing
  • Support permitting completion
  • Support contract negotiations
  • Establish mobilization plans
  • Establish spares inventory
  • Develop applicable safety and environmental compliance manuals and procedures
  • Develop administrative manuals and procedures
  • Implement IT platforms (CEMS, CMMS, Workstation, etc.)

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Core Capabilities > ENERGY MANAGEMENT

Customized services increase ROI


From optimized bidding strategies and custom reporting to hedging services and bespoke structured transactions, our asset managers providing energy management services focus on two things:
1. Maximizing your ROI by capturing optimal market value
2. Providing reliable, secure and confidential service that fully complies with market rules and regulatory requirements.
Our deep subject matter expertise in the deregulated markets across the US allows us to serve every client at the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our company traces its history to the issuance of the first FERC market-based rate license, and we continued to evolve with the US ISO and power markets. Our experienced team and state-of-the-art systems enable us to optimize assets to create increased ROI for our customers. By effectively managing commodity and congestion exposure, we improve asset returns through risk mitigation and the optimal dispatch of resources.

Our energy management services include:

  • ISO Energy management services
  • Bid optimization & offer strategy – energy, ancillaries and capacity
  • Wholesale supply, hedging and collateral services
  • Position tracking and reporting analysis
  • ISO and regulatory support for client onboarding
  • Hedging and risk mitigation
  • Structured power and fuels transactions
  • Merchant energy storage value optimization
  • Congestion risk management (FTRs and basis)
  • New asset registration
  • Merchant Transmission upgrades

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Core Capabilities > ENERGY

Expertise designed to capture opportunities


Our extensive experience in trading power and gas products across all the US ISOs enables us to position our stakeholders to capture opportunities that others miss.

Driven by a fundamentals-based approach, we maintain a comprehensive analytical and data framework which we utilize for power and gas trading and also for analytical services to our clients. Our traders cover all active North American power and gas markets.

  • Supply and demand
  • Nodal electric transmission
  • Gas transportation
  • Multi-commodity analytics
Structured Products
  • Commodity
  • Basis
  • Weather
  • Capacity
  • Load
  • Heat-rate
  • Spark-spread transactions.

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