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Indigo Energy Facility

North Palm Springs, CA

63500 19th Ave
North Palm Springs, CA 92258

Natural Gas Simple Cycle


Ownership/Asset Management/O&M/PPA/Financing

139 MW



The Indigo Energy Facility is a 139-megawatt (MW), natural gas, simple cycle electric peaking generating station located in North Palm Springs, CA in an area dominated by wind turbines.  Indigo was the third facility to be licensed under the California Energy Commission’s emergency siting process instituted to expedite electricity plants that could be on line by September 30, 2001.  Indigo was sited, licensed and constructed within just six months to answer California’s urgent need for electricity during peak periods.

Indigo utilizes a combination of fast-start capability and rapid ramp rates to meet California’s growing peaking requirements especially during the sunset ramp hours.  Using clean-burning natural gas, the plant employs water injection NOx control technology to reduce emissions.  Indigo’s site was chosen for its proximity and access to existing natural gas and electric transmission lines.  In order to avoid impacting the local infrastructure, the zero-discharge facility draws and purifies any water it requires from its on-site well.  In addition, Indigo contributes approximately $1,000,000 per year to the local community in the form of property taxes and payroll.  DGC Management, LLC is the Asset Manager providing asset management services; and DGC Operations, LLC serves as the Operator providing O&M services for Indigo, which includes three General Electric (GE) LM6000 PC Sprint combustion turbine generators.

Indigo is currently under a long-term tolling agreement reflecting a long-term commitment to California by DGC for a stable and reliable energy market

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Project Benefits

Reliable Generation:
Available to operate an average of 98 percent of the scheduled time over the past five years.

Community and the Environment:
The operation of Indigo is vital to the economic wellbeing of the local community. In addition to the direct benefit of providing high-paying jobs, the plants also provide second-level benefits by supporting local industrial companies and businesses, and providing significant property taxes.

Indigo is a zero-discharge facility with its own well and water purification system.