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Mariposa Energy Project

Byron, CA

4887 Bruns Road,
Byron, CA 94514

Natural Gas Simple Cycle


Ownership/Asset Management/O&M/PPA/Financing

200 MW



The Mariposa Energy Project is a 200-megawatt (MW), natural gas, simple cycle electric peaking generating station located in Alameda County near Byron, CA in the San Francisco local capacity resource area. It is sited inconspicuously on grazing land between two low hills amongst renewable wind and solar power sources in Alameda County, California.

Mariposa helps to ensure a reliable supply of energy as California increases reliance upon renewable resources, by providing on-demand standby power capacity for grid stability. With its quick startup time, it can be dispatched incrementally with just a minimum output of 25 MW. Mariposa utilizes a dry cooling system and is a zero liquid discharge site, ensuring that plant has minimal impacts on water resources in the area.

DGC Management, LLC is the Asset Manager providing asset management services; and DGC Operations, LLC serves as the Operator providing O&M services for Mariposa, which includes four General Electric (GE) LM6000 PC Sprint combustion turbines generators, which employ Best Available Control Technology to limit emissions and noise.

Pacific Gas & Electric purchases the facility’s total output and markets the power both within California under a long-term tolling agreement that expires in 2022. The plant can power more than 200,000 homes, and Mariposa contributes over $3 Mn per year to the local community in the form of property taxes and payroll.

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Project Benefits

Reliable Generation:
Available to operate an average of 99.6 percent of the scheduled time over the past five years.

Community and the Environment:
Mariposa benefits the local community by providing a clean, reliable source of energy and capacity along with contributing over $3 Mn per year to the local community in the form of property taxes and payroll.