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Sentinel Energy Center

North Palm Springs, CA

15775 Melissa Lane,
North Palm Springs, CA 92258

Natural Gas Simple Cycle



800 MW



The Sentinel Energy Center is an 850-megawatt (MW), natural gas, simple cycle electric peaking generating station located in North Palm Springs, CA in an area dominated by wind turbines. As the largest peaking facility in California, Sentinel employs 8 state-of-the-art, fast-starting General Electric (GE) LMS100 combustion turbine generators capable of delivering the plant’s full output of electricity within 10 minutes of receiving a dispatch demand. This ability of Sentinel enables the reliable integration and expansion of intermittent renewable resources such as wind and solar facilities, by producing sufficient electricity to stabilize the grid and power the entire Coachella Valley. Sentinel contributes almost $10 Mn per year to the local area in the form of property taxes and payroll.

California’s population growth continually increases the need for clean, efficient electricity generation facilities. Sentinel’s quick start ability protects against blackouts by providing reliable, dispatchable power during periods of peak demand. DGC Operations, LLC serves as the Operator providing O&M services for Sentinel.

Southern California Edison purchases the facility’s total output under a long-term tolling agreement. The plant can power more than 800,000 homes.

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Project Benefits

Reliable Generation:
Available to operate an average of 96.5 percent of the scheduled time over the past five years.

Community and the Environment:
Sentinel generates new local revenues, including $25 million in sales tax, $5 million in annual property taxes, and 14 permanent jobs. During the construction phase, over 700 direct and indirect jobs were created with a $55 million payroll. Sentinel supports the local expansion of wind and solar facilities, is a net producer of water, and funds water conservation projects.