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Westmoreland Generating Station

Smithton, PA

446 Smithton Pike
Smithton, PA 15479

Natural Gas Combined Cycle



940 MW



The Westmoreland Generating Station is a 940-megawatt (MW), natural gas, combined-cycle electric generating station located in in Westmoreland County, PA. Westmoreland consists of two Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas (MHPS) 501J gas turbine generators, two heat recovery steam generators and one Siemens steam turbine.
Westmoreland uses clean-burning natural gas and effective generation and control technology to ensure low emissions and environmentally responsible operation. The plant’s maximum allowable emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur dioxide (SO2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) per unit of electricity generated are 95 percent, 99.7 percent and 40 percent lower, respectively, than the average Pennsylvania fossil-fueled plant (based upon actual 2016 emissions).
Power generated by Westmoreland is sold into the PJM Interconnection regional transmission organization to meet growing regional energy needs. The PJM Interconnection market assures the electric reliability of the largest centrally dispatched grid in North America, which includes the state of Pennsylvania. Westmoreland can produce enough electricity to power more than 940,000 homes.

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Project Benefits

Community and the Environment:
Operation of the facility has created 24 well-paying, full-time positions. These employees and their families live, pay taxes and purchase goods and services in southwestern Pennsylvania. The plant is expected to pay approximately $4 million annually in salaries and payments for locally contracted services and supplies.

Construction of Westmoreland represented an investment of more than $500 million in the regional economy. This has included approximately 650 jobs during peak construction and contract opportunities awarded to more than 100 regional businesses. Westmoreland’s relationship with Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County (MAWC) has resulted in upgrades and enhancements that benefit both Westmoreland and the local community. The upgrades were designed for a capacity that exceeded the plant’s peak demand, which improved the resiliency of the overall system and the reliability for all MAWC customers. As part of the construction of the 13-mile water supply line to the plant, MAWC installed 40 new fire hydrants to provide local access points for fire authorities, improving the response times for emergencies and increasing public safety. Westmoreland recognized the need for this vital public service and reimbursed MAWC for the cost of the hydrants.

The plant will provide significant tax revenue over its life. Westmoreland County, South Huntingdon Township and the Yough School District will benefit from this tax money.

$50,000 pledge to South Huntingdon Township over the first five years of the plant’s operating life

$5,000 pledge to Turkeytown fire department toward a new fire station

Support for education programs through the Yough School District, including participation in science fairs, sponsorship of robotics, LEGOS and coding programs, and donations of school supplies, 3D printer and other items

Donations to community organizations and local efforts, such as supplies for flooding relief in fall 2018, new U.S. flags for Smithton Borough, holiday items for 32 area children in need, canned goods for the local food bank and contributions to Westmoreland County SPCA

The Westmoreland project was honored in 2018 by Economic Growth Connection for its contributions to the region